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Satisfied Customers Say:

"...Thanks again - my highest praises to you."  Talkeentna, Alaska 

"The shirts arrived a couple days ago, WOW! that was fast! We just wanted to let you now that we are extremely pleased with the service....Your prices are great too! You will be hearing from us again!!"  King Salmon, Alaska

"Just a note to say thank you for the incredible service."  Icy Bay. Alaska

"Thanks again...You're surely at the top on customer service."  Chicago, Illinois

"Real happy dealing with you guys."  Loveland, Colorado

"Thanks for sending it (my order) so fast."  Plains, Montana

"Thanks. We really appreciate how fast we receive orders from you folks!  Friendly service, too."  Moscow, Idaho

"Madsen's is a great supplier."  Sharon Springs, New York

"Thanks a bunch for your help.  I have recommended you guys to all my friends."  Oak Harbor, California

"Your web site is one of the best... Many thanks also for the help given to me over the phone."  Barrow, Alaska

"Thanks for the fast service."  Pendleton, Oregon

"... My husband now has a new favorite (web site)...  You can be sure you will be hearing from him in the future!"  Anchorage, Alaska

"After getting the run-around at our local farm store... I was happy to find Madsen's and was surprised at your low prices.  After paying almost double in advance (at the farm store,) I was informed that they couldn't even get my size.  Thanks again."  Corning, California

"Thank you for your great service and prices"  Haines, Alaska

I ordered several things from you.. and have ordered from (another outfit) and you beat them every time.  Thanks soooo much."  Scio, Oregon

"Thank you for the quality help and friendly fast service..."  Elk, Washington

"...It's great to come home after a long day and have a package of supplies waiting without having to go to town!  Thanks."  Alsea, Oregon

"The (tools) I bought are the best I ever used."  Philomath, Oregon

"The new saw I ordered on Thursday arrived here on Saturday... Fantastic service from Madsen's..."  Naukati, Alaska

" ...To all the Madsen's team, thank you for your great service and commitment to the customer.  You guys are #1."  Ben's Run, West Virginia

"Thanks again for all your help.  I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who wanted to shop on the web."  British Columbia

"I'm impressed.  It is great to see a company respond with such haste to such a small order as if it really matters.  You'll get more business from me."  Georgetown, California

"Thank you for the great service."  Forksville, Pennsylvania

"Thanks.  Your service is much appreciated...  It's nice to do business with someone who operates efficiently... and who cares."  Prairie, Idaho

"I placed my first order with you last week and received (it) in two days.  I am delighted with your products, but especially your staff and super-speedy shipping.  I look forward to doing business with you again."  Baldwin, Maryland

"It is absolutely wonderful to find such a pleasant and reliable company with which to do business.  Thank you."  Portland, Oregon

"Big thank you to everyone at Madsen's.  I appreciate your professional style.  I am really happy and looking forward to buying from Madsen's again."  Hisai, Japan

"I really enjoyed our Internet transaction.  Great customer service and follow-up.  Thanks again."  Yelm, Washington

"I want to tell you how happy I am with the product, service, and price I got.  I'll be back."  Castro Valley, California

"Until my last order, I didn't realize how fast the service is.  I on-line ordered on Sunday and had my goods on Wednesday!  Thank you."  Etna, California

"In this business, it pays to know who to deal with...  Madsen's always treats me right."  Seattle, Washington

"Really appreciate the good service..."  Craryville, New York

"I was looking to receive the chains late in the week, but they are here!  Good work Madsen's.  I look forward to doing more business with you.  Thanks again."  Kake, Alaska

"We are delighted customers."  Redmond, Washington

"Wow, what an impressive web site.  I am a teacher, not a logger, but I have cut firewood for ever twenty years.  I have never learned as much.... as I have from your pages."  Park Falls, Wisconsin

"It shocked the #$%& out of me when my grinder arrived in two days - I was expecting a week.  Thanks for the fast service!"  Oroville, California

"You have an impressive catalog and web site... Your low prices keep me coming back."  Ashland, Oregon

"Thank you for the prompt service."  Pleasant Hill, Oregon

"I appreciate your fair pricing and speedy service... Thank you for being concerned with your customer's needs."  Boring, Oregon

"Thought I would let you and all the guys there know how much I appreciate the service you provide...  I go out of my way to do business with your store, and its worth it.  Also, the Madsen's web site is outstanding."  Enumclaw, Washington

"Wow, three days and the shirts were here... Thanks for the great service."  Greeley, Colorado

"I just wanted to call and say thanks... That tank I ordered two days ago is already here in Idaho.  That is good #$%& service!"  Prairie, Idaho

"I so much appreciate doing business with you guys.  Your service is phenomenal.."  Oakridge, Oregon

"The industry needs more straight-up guys like you"  Seaside, Oregon

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts... and for the very prompt service you provided.  The replacement chains arrived three days ago - good going.  The chains are absolutely correct, fit perfectly, and what a delight it is to get back to a chain saw that cuts!!!  Kindest regards from a delighted customer who appreciated full well that my order was rather small, but treated by yourselves in a very professional manner.  My thanks."  Eastborne, England

"I don't normally do this, but I feel you need to hear this.  I bought two pairs (of pants) six years ago and those darn things lasted until this month.  I have never in my life... had pants last THAT LONG!"  Topeka, Kansas

"We just wanted to let you know we are extremely pleased with the service...  We had been buying from (another outfit.)  Their product kept getting worse and their prices higher and higher...  You WILL be hearing from us again."  King Salmon, Alaska

"Thank you for the great service."  Forksville, Pennsylvania

"I ordered from you yesterday and got my package today.  That is great service."  Seaside, Oregon

"Thank you for the fast service - again"  Plains, Montana

"Thank you for your impeccable service... (I) will always give you as much of my business as possible.  Keep up the good work!"  Daleville, Virginia

"With the info on your web site and your help, I was able to make this old saw really perform.  Many thanks."  Sheffield, Pennsylvania

"Thanks.  I got the romeos today.  Really great.  Much better quality than I expected."  Chicago, Illinois

"Saw parts are hard to get and very high priced out here.  The mail order option through your company helps out a lot..."  Clarksville, Tennessee

"I sure appreciate you guys.  I always get tremendous service."  Council, Idaho

"Thanks for the GREAT PRODUCTS and for your SUPER SERVICE (customer's caps).  We will be ordering again soon.."  Tigerton, Wisconsin

"I recently called your store to make an order.  (Your staff member) not only took my order, but by asking me all the right questions, he saved me from making some really expensive mistakes...  I have been a Madsen's customer for a number of years, but this level of service and customer concern solidly reinforced my loyalty to your shop."  Kodiak, Alaska

"I like to shop (at Madsen's.)  You are prompt and helpful when I order.  I tell everyone about your company."  Sylva, North Carolina

"Everything arrived complete and on time.  You guys handled it like a pro."  Portland, Oregon

"Can't believe it!  Gave you guys my credit card number on Monday afternoon - my new toys were here Wednesday morning.  Thanks a million!"  Kirkland, Washington

"48 hours after the order confirmation the package was at my door step... (I  am) a happy customer."  Atco, New Jersey

"Thank you!  You guys have such high quality products and are so friendly to order from.  Thank you again."  Helmut, Oregon

"Just to let you know the order arrived (in only three days)...  Thanks for all your help and excellent service." Siglistorf, Switzerland

"As a 25 year resident of Alaska, I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to deal with someone who really knows we are really part of the US... As we say around here, 'We live in the bush and don't have time to beat around it.' Thanks for your great service." Bethel, Alaska

"My order was delivered in record time... Thanks for the great products, great service, and personal attention to detail." Sacramento, California

"... many thanks to Madsen's for doing business right. It is very much appreciated." Port Angeles, Washington

" I just want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent service. In this day and age, the customer service I receive at your store is uncommon. I live about and hour and a half away, but I make a point to use Madsen's for all my equipment needs." Milwaukie, Oregon

"Thank you... I will spread the word about our products as well as your great service." Mount Vernon, Washington

"Thank you for your choice (service) and quick shipping." Fukuoka City, Japan

"Hey, thanks for the wonderful personal attention... and your pleasant professional manner." Auckland, New Zealand

"I just want to say thanks for the outstanding service! You are like the businesses of long ago, when customer service was a priority. You have my future patronage, along with that of my family and everyone else I can refer to you," Baltimore, Maryland

"Thanks for the great service, product support, and prompt shipment. I know my orders are small, but you treat them with importance. That kind of service helps me keep my production up..." Spirit Lake, Idaho

"Thank you folks for excellent service." Petersburg, Alaska

"...Thank you for the ultra-fast turnaround time on the correct (items for my saw). You friendly courteous service service are traits that I look for." Columbus, Nebraska

"Thank you so much for your fast and friendly service. Every time my husband gets a new catalog from you, he's like a little kid and Christmas time! Oh my! Moscow, Idaho

"Madsen's is... really a great dealership." Seattle, Washington

"Thank you! I love my new saw." Annapolis, Maryland

"Thank you very much for all your time and the information (I received when buying my new chain grinder). I was able to use the grinder immediately. (The instruction) was amazingly well delivered, especially in retrospect. I have got to say, I was very impressed..." Renton, Washington

"I just wanted you to know that there are some of us out here who appreciate you hard work." Tigerton, Wisconsin

"I am thoroughly impressed. Thank you." Yelm, Washington.

"You guys know how to do business." McCloud, California

"Many of my friends and family are in the timber industry and I am going to recommend no one but you guys. Thank you." Florence, Oregon

"You guys are tops -- unbeatable prices and just great service." Fairbanks, Alaska

"Thanks for your courtesy, knowledge, personability, and competence... I'd be lost without Madsen's. Thanks for retaining you old-fashioned ways of doing business. To my knowledge, Madsen's is the last real saw shop." Spirit Lake, Idaho

"...dealing with Madsen's is a breath of fresh air. You people know pro saws. I appreciate that." Prairie, Idaho.

"you fixed my saw years ago after someone ran straight gas through it. I'm still using it today. You are tops in my book." Renton, Washington

"My husband loves his saw and tells everybody about the great service he gets at Madsen's." Seattle, Washington

"Thank you for good service! I am not your biggest customers, but I am loyal -- mouthy, too -- telling everybody about Madsen's good service." Wrangell, Alaska

"Your products are top-notch." Loveland, Colorado

"Thank you so much... My boots arrived just in the nick of time. Your assistance helped make my summer a success." Onalaska, Washington

"I am thoroughly impressed. Thank you." Yelm, Washington

"Talk about fantastic service! I called on the 18th and received my order on the 20th. Naukati is not the end of the world, but we can see it from here. To get an order delivered in two days is phenomenal! Great job service department." Naukati, Alaska

"We really appreciate your good service. You guys do a great job..." Hoonah, Alaska

"Just call an order in and get what you want. I've called from all over... and am happy with the service I get." Puyallup, Washington

"I can say without hesitation that Madsen's is one of the best merchandised, organized operations I have had the pleasure of visiting. The attention to detail in every facet of your business is apparent." Milwaukie, Oregon

"I want to thank you guys for the great service." Walden, Colorado

"Madsen's service is top-notch... with lots of items, a great selection, and competitive prices." Mad River, California

"Thank you for your always great service." Kodiak, Alaska

"You absolutely rock when it comes to great customer service and fast shipping. We thank you so much." Haines, Alaska

"...your service is unparalleled. Hands down, you guys go the distance!" Troy, Idaho

"I appreciate doing business with you. I've traded with Madsen's for years... and its always good." Dillingham, Alaska

"Thanks for the fast service..." Salisbury, North Carolina

"Thanks for the great service! It is always a pleasure doing business with you..." Milwaukie, Oregon

"I owe you big time. Continue your good work and your customer will sing it to all they know..." Hudson Falls, New York

"I appreciate your guys tremendously. Madsen's has my business forever." Chehalis, Washington

"You guys are #1 in my book." Eugene, Oregon

"Thank you very much for the great service... I tell everyone. (I'm) a very truly satisfied customer!" Grass Valley, California

"Been buying from your fine people for years and do so as long as I'm in business." Leavenworth, Washington

"The Pro's Choice doesn't say enough... You guys are the greatest!" Hill, New Hampshire

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