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Tecomec Round Chain Grinder

One of our most popular round chain grinders is this one by Tecomec. It easily adjusts to handle chipper, semi-chisel, and round-ground chisel chain. It is easy to set up for pitches: 1/4", .325", 3/8" and .404." It is a perfect grinder for an individual user or someone who sharpens for a small crew. It is also a great first machine for someone wanting to learn how to grind chain saw chain. This grinder offers good value because it is both affordable and well made. Most owners enjoy years of service from it.

Tecomec Round Chain Grinder _01.jpg
Tecomec Round Chain Grinder



  • Powerful 110V 1/4 HP fan-cooled direct-drive motor with ball bearings

  • Uses 5 3/4" grinding wheels

  • Built in work lamp

  • Easy head-angle adjustment

  • An offset 10 degree tilting vise for correct corner (or leading edge) angles on chisel cutters

  • Mounting points for stand, bench, or wall

  • Comes complete with 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" wheels, a dressing brick, wheel gauge and wrench

Tecomec Round Chain Grinder _02.jpg

An easy-to-read graduated degree index and large, knurled knob underneath make chain vise angle adjustments fast and easy.  The cam-action chain clamp lever allows rapid indexing with minimum effort, while holding the chain firmly for accurate grinding.

Tecomec Round Chain Grinder _03.jpg

The tilting vise lets you easily change the vertical angle for offset grinding of chisel cutters.  Simply loosen the knob and pull forward, or push back.  Vise automatically locks in 10 degree cant for proper corner profile.

Tecomec Round Chain Grinder_04.jpg

A convenient thumb set-screw allows fast depth-stop adjustment. The see-through guard protects the operator from flying debris, yet doesn't impede the use of the machine.

Click here for the owner's manual.

Call for the current price and for more information.

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