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Special Tools At Madsen's

We are experts at repair and service of Stihl & Husqvarna pro chain saws. Any technician is only as good as his tools - and we have a collection of tools you won't find in any other shop. Here are a few of them:

Special Tools At Madsen's_01.jpg

Engine Load Simulator

Shown on the left is our load simulator. It was designed and built over a decade ago, but we still use it today. It is basically a sophisticated air pump with a "gate" that allows us to increase or decrease air pressure on the fan blades. This allows us to vary the load on a saw engine.

Why does it work better for diagnosing problems than a test log? First, a load simulator can create a smooth and constant load. Even the slightest miss can be detected. In a test log, unless a miss is severe, it may be difficult to hear.

Special Tools At Madsen's_02.jpg

Another advantage is a simulated cut can go on and on. This gives a technician the opportunity to bring the engine up to working temperature very quickly. A few minutes on the load simulator is able to produce engine temperatures that meet those created in working conditions of twenty minutes or more.

Last, we can make a simulated test more severe than actual working conditions. If a saw motor will pass such a test, we are sure it will run well for a customer under normal working conditions.

This load simulator gives us better feedback, and does it more quickly than test cuts. In fact, it has helped us diagnose problems other shops couldn't find.

Engine Dynamometer (Power Testing Tool)

While we still use the load simulator, we now have a more sophisticated tool for testing the performance of a pro saw engine. This is a "dyno" or dynamometer.

This dyno is a miniature version of what today's top drag racers and stock car engine builders use. It employs a water brake to simulate a load on a saw's engine. The water brake assembly was originally designed to measure the power output of kart racing engines. Since these engines are similar in size and power output to pro saw engines, it is perfect for this use, too. We did fabricate the portion that allows us to mount a pro saw powerhead.

This dyno not only allows us to simulate a load on a saw engine, we can now accurately measure torque. Since horsepower is derived from engine speed (RPM) and torque, we can fully measure the output of the engine. This is one of our most sophisticated tools.

Special Tools At Madsen's_03.jpg
Special Tools At Madsen's_04.jpg

Hydraulic Press & Hot Air

When we work on the "bottom end" of a saw engine, the work is done carefully with the aid of special tools. Cases and crankshafts are never mishandled.

After cleaning and inspection, cases are electrically heated with hot air.

Next, the bearings are pressed in straight and true. They go in with minimal resistance because heat expands the alloy cases. When the case cools, it shrinks around the bearing. This tight fit minimizes risk of it "spinning" in its mount.

Our technicians set clearances so cranks roll free and easy. This enhances bearing, crank, and seal life.

No hammering, prying, or mistreatment ever occurs. Gaskets fit, bearings last, seals are tight - the job is done right.

Special Tools At Madsen's_05.jpg

Large Bar Rail Grinder

At the left is our bar machine. It has a large motor and special large grind wheel which puts a good finish on the rails. It also re grooves a bar if needed.

This industrial grade bar grinder will even grind harvester bars with ease. Tip fitting is easy with this powerful and accurate tool. It is powered by two 2HP motors, one for the rail work and one for the adjustable grooving wheel.

While commercial bar machines are available, this one was specially built to our specs and is the only one of its kind.

Special Tools At Madsen's_06.jpg

Saw Chain Rivet Spinner Assembly Machine

When we assemble a loop of saw chain, our joints are so good, they are often hard to find. The reason is, we spin rivets with old chain assembly tools. These tools were once production tools used by Oregon to assemble new saw chain. When Oregon automated their production, tools like this were retired.

This is why we can produce a "factory like" rivet shape and finish. This makes for strong and durable joints. We do not know of any other saw shop with a tool like this.

More Specialized Tools For Servicing Pro Saws

We also have an in-house machine shop equipped with a milling machine, lathe, surface grinder, and more. Have you seen any other shop invest the recourses to acquire and develop tools like these? We believe this is one of the things that separates us from other pro shops.

A wise and successful logger once said, "I don't have to see a timber faller work to know if I should hire him or not. I simply look at his truck and the saws he has in the back." We agree. The tools you use and the care you give them, speaks volumes... That's why we're the Pro's Choice.

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