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Simington #451C Square-Chisel Chain Grinder

The Simington #451C is suitable for both experienced and beginning chain grinder operators. Its is based on a simple-swing arm concept, which makes it easy to use, adjust, and maintain. It is also time-tested. Early models, such as the Simington #450, have been sharpening square-chisel chain for over thirty years. Some are still in use. Today's #451C is the newest version of this venerable grinder.

Simington #451C Square-Chisel Chain Grinder_01.jpg

The Simington #451C Features:

  • Reversible fan-cooled motor with sealed bearings

  • A Sturdy swing arm with needle thrust bearings pivot.

  • Adjustable diamond tipped dressers.

  • Carbide-tipped tooth locator.

  • Die-cast aluminum chassis.

  • Flex mounted work lamp with standard bulb socket.

  • Tripod stand included.

  • Made in USA.


The Simington 451C is a well-made chain grinder. It features a die-cast chassis and swing arm, which gives it the fit and finsh of a precision grinding tool. It also features a high-quality 120v motor that is reversible and fan-cooled.

One of the benefits of the Simington design is that it self-compensates for wheel wear. It does not require adjustment like the Silvey RII and SDM-4 when the diameter of the grinding wheel shrinks. Its simple swing-arm design compensates for wear automatically.

Compared to earlier versions of this grinder, it has an improved tooth locator that stops the chain more accurately. However, it still lacks a sophisiticated indexing mechanism like what is used on the Silvey Pro Sharp and SDM-4. Many operators compensate for this by holding pressure against the stop-pawl. This minimizes the cutter-tooth's tendency to climb during grinding.

It also has an arch-shaped chain mount like the entry-level Silvey grinders. This is a simple and effective way to hold and position the chain, but because the chain is held on an arc, the orientation of the cutter-tooth changes as the tooth gets shorter. This changes the inside angle in the cutter-tooth. The good news is it's easy to compensate for by adjusting a thumb-screw located on the bottom of the swing arm.

The wheel dressing mechanism on the Simington 451C are not as stable and accurate as those used on the Silvey SDM-4 and Pro Sharp. However, they do an adquate job when the operator makes light passes and dresses the wheel when it is spinning in the right direction. This reduces deflection, which improves the shape and cutting surface the dressers create on the grinding wheel.

The information presented here is intended to make you an informed buyer. The comparisons made to more expensive grinders help you understand the differences and are not intended to discourage your purchase of a Simington grinder. This is a good machine. Hundreds of owners are completely satisfied with it and the performance of the chains it sharpens.

Our Advice

The Simington 451C is a good square-chisel grinder and offers excellent value. If you are looking for a new square-chisel grinder, this is it. It is the only new square-chisel grinder currently on the market.


Click here for video on setting up a Simington #451C.

Click here for a Simington #451C instruction manual.

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