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Silvey Swing Arm Grinder

The Silvey Swing Arm was Silvey's entry level square-chisel chain grinder when it was in production. 

Note: This machine is no longer made, but parts are still available and we offer service and repair.

Silvey Swing Arm Grinder_01.jpg

The Silvey Swing Arm Features:

  • Reversible high-torque motor with sealed bearings

  • A Sturdy swing arm with needle thrust bearings pivot.

  • Adjustable diamond tipped dressers and slide adjustments that allow the grinder to be set up with the angles you want

  • Adjustable tripod stand.

  • Two sturdy indexing pawls.

  • Flex mounted work lamp with standard bulb socket

Click here for a short video of the Swing Arm in action.


Click here for the Swing Arm owner's manual.


Click here for a Swing Arm parts list.

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