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Silvey SDM-4

The SDM-4 was an industry standard and one of the best square-chisel chain grinders on the market.

Note: This machine is no longer made, but parts are still available and we offer service and repair.

Silvey SDM-4_01.jpg

The SDM-4 Features:

  • Reversible motor that keeps chrome edges clean and the grinding burr on the cutter tooth

  • Adjustable diamond tipped wheel dressers

  • Twin chain holding and feed mechanisms

  • Patented slide design that keeps tooth angles constant throughout the life of the cutter tooth

  • Adjustable motor mount slide to compensate for wheel wear

  • Finger lock hold down pin for improved indexing

  • Sturdy flat bottom stand

  • Flex-mounted standard socket work light for easy angle viewing

  • Threaded feed crank for smooth tooth advancement

  • Adjustable tolerance gibs and neoprene bellow seals on the slide mechanisms for easy maintenance and long wear



Click here for a short video of the SDM-4 in action.


Click here for a SDM-4 owner's manual.



Click here for a SDM-4 parts list.

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