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Silvey BRC & BRG

Silvey BRC & BRG_01.jpg

Silvey Bar Rail Closer

The Silvey Bar Rail Closer (BRC) works quickly and easily to close worn or spread bar rails. It is fully adjustable and will work on bars of any length. It works by pinching the bar rails between to roller bearings. The press is then pulled by the operator along the surface of the bar. It is best to work in small amounts so the bars rails don't end up too narrow. Pressing small amounts also helps keep the rails uniform.


Click here for the instructions that are included with a BRC.

Please see the catalog section or call for the price and more information. We have a good supply of these that we got before Silvey closed.

Silvey BRC & BRG_02.jpg

Silvey Bar Rail Grinder

You can now have bar rails that are true for those smooth straight cuts. The Silvey BRG is fast and easy. With the BRG, your bar rails can be trued in as little as one minute. This is also the perfect tool for fitting new tips.

The BRG is not a big, bulky machine. It's small, light, and can be mounted to any table or workbench. Its table top is 14" long. The BRG is so small and light you can even mount it in a vise, and remove it when it's not in use. It features a fan-cooled electric motor and has safety shielding around the grinding wheel.

These grinders are no longer available, but we have a good inventory of replacement grinding wheels for them.

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