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Selecting Professional Saw Chain

Selecting Professional Saw Chain_01.JPG


All saw chain listed below is very aggressive and has a high kickback rating. This chain should only be used by experienced chain saw professionals with knowledge, experience, and specialized training for dealing with kickback. None of it is ANSI approved on saws less than 3.8 cubic inches (62cc).

Chains and bars designed to minimize kickback potential are available. These meet the ANSI standard and should be used on saws with motors less than 3.8 cubic inches (62cc) or on any saw that is consumer directed (non-professional use). Please call for more information.

On the chart below, the columns listing best motor size and best bar length are suggestions only. Certain applications and uses may call for another size or type. Please call if you have any questions. Professional saw chain is our business. We can help.

Oregon Saw Chain for Professional Users

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