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Log Wizard

The Log Wizard is a shaper/notcher attachment for a chainsaw. It is an excellent farm or construction tool. It can be attached to almost any size or model chain saw. When attached to your saw, it can be used as a debarker, router, notcher, or planer. 

It is an essential tool for pole barn construction, for fencing, or for log home building. It is unbeatable for smoothing knots or fitting beams. 

Log Wizard_01.jpg

The Log Wizard has ball bearings on the rotor for long life and uses standard 3 1/4" inch planer blades for easy replacement. It comes with a universal spline that can accommodate any pitch sprocket. 

To install it on a saw, simply fit it up, drill two mounting holes in bar, and fit up a chain. A slightly longer chain is required to drive the rotor. 

Log Wizard_02.jpg
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