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How To Buy Saw Chain From Madsen's

Madsen's is the largest OREGON® dealer in America. Quality products, professional service, and competitive pricing are the foundation of our sales record. We are also one of the largest STIHL chain dealers in the U. S. Our volume allows us to keep a large inventory of professional saw chain, which insures we have the style you need, when you need it. Better yet - our buying power allows us to maintain the most competitive prices in the industry.

Pictured is over sixty thousand feet of saw chain. Our large inventory and buying power allows us to offer you the best prices and selection in the industry.


Chain Loop Pricing

If you prefer to buy your chains by the loop, ask about our TWO FOR ONE deal. With this deal, you get two loops for what you might pay for one at other shops. If you need two different chains, no problem. You pay the suggested list price for the most expensive one and you get the second free. 

We even offer this on chains for long bars. Need a couple chains for your 60" bar? No problem. Just ask for the TWO FOR ONE deal and get a 60" chain free. Call for a quote today!

Want to take advantage of  roll pricing, but don't have the tools (or time) to cut chain? Let us do it for you. 

Bulk Pricing

How To Buy Saw Chain From Madsen's_04.JPG

Buying chain by the roll saves money. Bulk chain is available in 100', 50' and 25' rolls - the best buy is the 100' rate. Buying chain for a large crew? Call for a quote on five or more reels.

The problem with bulk chain is you may not have the tools for cutting and splicing. No problem, we'll do it for you. We'll also make up the tail (the last piece of chain that is left over) if you'd like.  So, if you like our bulk prices, but prefer your chain made into loops, call us for a quote. This service costs less than you think.

One thing to remember when we cut chain into loops for you, it is not returnable, so be sure you tell us the correct link count for your application.


How To Buy Saw Chain From Madsen's_05.jpg

Madsen's specializes in serving professional chain saw users. We are chain experts. We can help you select, maintain, and maximize the performance of your professional saw chain. We are also able to answer questions about saw chain safety, kickback, and the ANSI standards.

Got a question about pro saw chain? Give us a call or stop in. We are always happy to help.

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