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How To Buy Consumer Saw Chain

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Madsen's specializes in serving the needs of professional saw users, but plenty of nonprofessionals rely on us, too. We carry a full line of saw chain, including types with reduced kickback features aimed at home owners/ranchers and other nonprofessional chainsaw users. So if you make your living with a chainsaw... or just want professional grade tools and service, Madsen's is for you.

If you need a new guide bar or saw chain, call us. We'll supply you with a great product at a competitive price. Ask about our two-for-one deal on saw chain. Buy one chain loop at list price and we'll give you the second chain loop for free. We have great prices on guide bars, too.

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The large number of applications out there prevents us from listing chain loop prices on our web site or in our catalog. When you call, that also gives us an opportunity to help guide you to a product that suits your needs and level of experience.

When you call, the more information you provide about your saw, bar and chain,and so on, the better we can serve you.

Before you call, please have the following information ready:

  • Numbers On Your Bar Or Chain: When you call, it is helpful if you can provide us with the numbers that are stamped on your guide bar. There are also numbers stamped on your chain's drive links. The drive links are the part of the saw chain that fit in the groove of the bar.

  • Length: When buying either a bar or chain, we need to know how many drive links your chain has.

  • Make and Model Of Your Saw: We may already know this from the numbers on the bar, but please have this information available.

  • Pitch: If you tell us the numbers on your bar and chain, chances are we will know the pitch. But if you don't have any numbers to go by, we will need it. Common pitch's are: low profile 3/8", .325", 3/8".

  • Gauge: If you tell us the numbers on your bar and chain, we will probably know the gauge, too. If you don't have numbers to go by, or just want to be extra helpful, know the gauge,too. It will usually be one of these: .050", .058" are .063" gauge.

  • Your Level Of Experience: Please also tell us that you are not a professional saw user. This helps us guide you to the best product for your needs. We may know that already by what you are buying, but it is always helpful to know how much experience a user has. If we ask you more about this, be honest. You don't want a professional product if you are not a professional. Saw chain and guide bars targeted for professional users don't perform that much better and the risk of injury from kickback is much greater.

Our Advice

If you need a chain for your saw, please call us. We can fit most any brand saw. Ask for the two-for-one deal and you will get two chains for the price of what one usually costs at other saw shops. For guide bars, we stock only those that fit Stihl and Husqvarna saws. Our prices are competitive on these, too. Call for a quote. You'll be glad you did.

Got more questions about saw chain or guide bars? Call or stop in.

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