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Engineering Info on Harvester Cutting Attachments

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Technical Data In Metric Units

The following information is provided courtesy of OREGON® Cutting Systems. It relates information critical to success of saw chain-based cutting systems in mechanized wood harvesting and processing equipment. In offering this information, we do not assume any responsibility for the design or manufacture of machines, or for the content of literature supplied by machine manufacturers. The purpose of this information is to communicate important information to designers, manufacturers, sellers, and users of wood-harvesting and processing machinery.

Technical Data In English Units

These guidelines are intended to provide a balance between performance and service life. If these guidelines are exceeded, operators must be aware that excessive chain speed or feed force: reduces service life and increases wear, requires extra lubrication and attention to tensioning and sharpening,and  increases the incidence of chain breakage and the risk of injury.

The  information above is provided courtesy of OREGON® Systems Division of Blount, Inc., from their Mechanical Timber Harvesting Handbook. We urge you to contact OREGON® customer service at (503) 653-8881 for explanation or clarification of information you are unsure of or do not understand. 

Would you like a copy of the OREGON® Mechanical Timber Harvesting Handbook? Next time you place an order, just ask. We'd be happy to include a FREE copy in your package. This document is filled with valuable information for harvester cutting attachments of all sizes.

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