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Buying A Pro Saw At Madsen's

Buying A Pro Saw At Madsen's.JPG

New Pro Saws

Madsen's is one of the largest pro saw shops in the US. We carry a complete inventory of pro saws and equipment from both Stihl and Husqvarna.  We specialize in serving pro customers -- and have been doing so for over sixty years.

Internet Sales

Stihl prohibits selling or ordering of Stihl equipment over the Internet. Husqvarna also prohibits Internet sales on all pro saws. So if you are interested in purchasing a new saw from us, please visit our shop. Otherwise, see your local Stihl or Husqvarna retailer.


Service, Repair, & Accessories Are Not Restricted
Sales of service, repair, and our complete line of accessories and related equipment is not restricted. This includes guide bars, saw chain, safety equipment, attachments, chain grinders, work wear, and much more. More information on our products and services are available on this web site and in our catalog. For a copy of our catalog, please see the catalog listing on this site.

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