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Alaskan Mill Photos

The following photos demonstrate what an Alaskan Saw Mill can do.

Alaskan Mill Photos_01.jpg

Two boards are used to start the cut. Various slabbing rails are made for this purpose. The ones in the photo are  home made. 

Alaskan Mill Photos_02.jpg

Once the first cut is made, subsequent cuts use it as a guide.

Alaskan Mill Photos_03.jpg

This nice log is over two feet in diameter on the small end. They are getting ready to turn the log.

Alaskan Mill Photos_04.jpg

This shows the new top cut. The log is now partially square.

Alaskan Mill Photos_05.jpg

Here is a nice board about to be cut from the log.

Alaskan Mill Photos_06.jpg

Here are a few boards taken from this log.

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