Below are photos of Wayne Sutton's chainsaw collection. It is located in Amboy, Washington. This museum has been featured on the History Channel, regional TV shows, and in many printed publications. 

Sutton Museum Pic

Wayne has acquired many unique items. Shown on the far wall are rare original patents. In the center of the photo is a beautiful collection of Stihl saws. Most are in like-new condition. Only the Stihl Museum, in Germany, has better ones.  

Wayne started collecting saws about thirty years ago. At the time, he worked for a  Stihl dealer. He eventually ended up owning the shop. Several years ago, he sold the shop and now works for Stihl. 

Sutton Museum Pic

In the foreground is a Stutz bodied Model T roadster. Big two-man saws hang from the ceiling. Hundreds of chainsaws surround on the walls. Wayne also collects old sales literature, parts manuals, and has a library of chainsaw information.

Sutton Museum Pic

Much of Wayne's collection is well marked and displayed. It's incredible an individual could collect, restore, and organize such a collection. Wayne is clearly passionate about it.  When asked how many saws he has, he hedges, "I am not exactly sure," but then admits, "well over a thousand."

If you wish to visit this museum, Wayne opens it from time to time. For more information about when this is, Wayne can be reached at: He'd also like to hear from you if think you have a rare saw that he doesn't. 

He does not have a web site, but is active on several sites dedicated to chainsaw history. To top it all, Wayne is one of the nicest people you will ever meet!